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Students gain a competitive edge, while Universities gain real-time insights on student networking activities, empowering the Career Team with the data they need to support student outcomes.Get the “pulse” of each student's career journey, today!

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We help provide personalized guidance to each student

We get it, it is tough to provide personalized nudges and guidance to each student, well now with CareerOS you can!

Real-time “pulse” on students

Gain instant insights into your students' networking activities, career interests, and engagement levels. CareerOS provides a comprehensive, real-time overview of each student's journey, enabling career advisors to offer timely, data-driven guidance.

UX Designed to engage with Millenials and Gen-Z Students!

Engaging Millennials and Gen-Z with Higher Education Career Services is a major challenge. That is why we focus on the student user. How? CareerOS was built by students for students. We built what we wish we had as students. Simple, clear and easy to use.

Language learners have Duolingo, Students have CareerOS

Let students experience the thrill of gamification in their career journey. With CareerOS, tackle weekly goals, climb up leaderboards, and maintain streaks to unlock new opportunities.

Smart Notifications: A Core Feature of Our Career Development Platform - Bridge the Student Engagement Gap

Keep the communication lines open with smart, personalized notifications from our University Career Planning Tools.CareerOS ensures students never miss important career development opportunities, events, or advice.Our intelligent notification system sends timely reminders and suggestions based on each student's interests and activities, fostering ongoing engagement and helping students stay on track with their career goals.

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Give your Students a University Career Planning Tool that guides them to build relationships with Hiring Managers.

Elevate your students' networking game with CareerOS, a comprehensive Career Development Platform for Universities. Our platform guides students through every step of the networking process.From automated reminders on when to follow up, to suggestions on adding new contacts and crafting personalized messages using our AI technology, CareerOS ensures students' relationship building efforts are effective and stress-free.Let students build meaningful professional relationships and navigate their career path with confidence.

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Revolutionize Career Development: Give your students CareerOS superpowers.

From our unique 'Career Funnel' feature, which revolutionizes job search organization, to our customizable Career Playbook, we're transforming how students interact with potential employers and manage their career paths.

Students Deserve More Than Excel: Upgrade with Our Career Gamification Software

Introducing the 'Career Funnel,' a unique feature of our Career Development Software the one place students can save all companies, networking contracts, and jobs. The UX is designed to give students an engaging place to organizing their entire job search.

The OmniChannel Career Platform: Your University Career Management System

We provide a Chrome Extenstion that allows students to connect all of their job boards to one place including Linkedin, JobTeaser, Handshake, plus more!

Give Students a Customized Career Playbook with Our Career Services Technology

Are you already paying for career tools? Now you can bring all exisitng tools to one place to give students the right tool at the right time with a customized Career Playbook.

Give Students an Executable Career Networking Platform with Our Career Development Software

We connect with Gmail and Outlook to empower students to build relationships with alumni and hiring managers. By integrating with Gmail/Outlook, we provide an executable plan with the right message at the right time.

We have empowered top students to land their dream job - check out a few testimonials:

  • CareerOS has truly transformed my career journey. As a job seeker, I have often found myself overwhelmed by the vast number of opportunities available and the complexity of the application process. However, with CareerOS, everything changed for the better.”

    Adrian Schier

    Consultant @ Boston Consulting Group
  • CareerOS' user-friendly interface made navigating through the job market a breeze. The clean design and well-organized sections allowed me to focus on what truly matters: finding the perfect job.”

    Erika Cola

    Business Development Executive @ SAP
  • One of the standout features of CareerOS is its integrated messaging. I had access to a great set of templates to use as a basis for my outreach messages. Amazing tool!”

    Jorge Serrano

    Consultant @ Bain & Company

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CareerOS, a leading Higher Education Career Services Software, is designed for rapid implementation within 2 weeks! 🚀

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Frequently asked questions 🔍

Is the data provided by CareerOS compliant with privacy regulations?

Yes, CareerOS adheres to all major data privacy regulations, ensuring that student information is handled securely and ethically. We are GDPR approved by third party provider Vanta.

How does CareerOS integrate with our existing student information systems?

CareerOS is designed for seamless integration with a variety of student information systems. This ensures a smooth flow of data, enabling a comprehensive view of student activities and career trajectories without disrupting your existing infrastructure. We are able to custom build integrations as well.

How can CareerOS assist in attracting prospective students?

CareerOS's data-driven insights into student success stories and career outcomes can be a powerful tool in your marketing and outreach efforts, showcasing the effectiveness of your institution in supporting career development.

Can CareerOS assist in accreditation processes and reporting?

Absolutely. CareerOS is in the process to create reports on student career development and outcomes, aiding in accreditation processes and ensuring compliance with educational standards.